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Symmetric Dawn

A veces las canciones pueden representar imágenes.

Sometimes with a song you can draw a picture.




Broken Hope

A veces las esperanzas se rompen y no consigues lo que buscas. Insiste en tu objetivo.

Sometimes hopes get broken and you don’t get what you want. Insist on your goal.

This Is Me (ft. Aideta)

You are who you are, nobody will ever be like you, so don’t try to change, just be with the people you enjoy being with. 🙂

Thank you a lot, Aideta Aleixandre, for participating in this song, it wouldn’t be the same without your awesome voice. This is the first of a lot.

Remix El Caloret

En esta epoca de Fallas, que mejor que “El Caloret” protagonizado por nuestra querida Alcadesa Rita Barberá. ¡ Que disfruteis !!

Summer Day (Gandia’s Beach)

A soft trip to the deep sea. Drop a like and share, it helps a lot.

Just A Lonely Guy (vocal)

Be Free

Don’t be blind. Always be yourself, be free! Did you like it? Drop a like and share. 🙂

Flying Dreams

That’s Life

Good Times

Endless Friendship

Summer Comes


Happiness Found You

Sad Memories

Looking At The Sky

Don’t Stop Shifting

The Moving Beat


A Step Back